Aerospace, Rail, Marine

Aerospace, Rail, Marine


 Industry 6 set the standard in cleaning, hygiene and maintenance products to the aerospace and defence industries, when used on:

• Business Jets
• Single or twin engine aircrafts
• Commercial airline fleets
• Corporate fleets
• Helicopters
• Regional Airlines
• Cargo planes
• Military aircraft

Whether for a single owner or commercial fleet, Industry 6 provides highly concentrated, cost effective, approved product.

We are a trusted partner of Arrow, one of the UK’s largest manufacturer and distributor of a comprehensive range of aerospace approved maintenance chemicals. Arrow products are well established in a highly competitive market. These products include exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, treatments, maintenance, repair and overhaul.

All products are approved for aerospace applications and carry the appropriate certification.

Arrow component cleaning and degreasing products have extensive aerospace approvals from companies like.................Airbus Industrie, Rolls Royce PLC, Wessex Helicopters, Boeing Space and Defence Systems, British Aerospace, Honeywell Aircraft Landing Systems and Astec Helicopter Services.

Industry 6 is an ISO 9001 - 2008 accredited company.


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