Super Max Range

Super Max Range

About Supermax.

The Supermax range, by Arrow Solutions, is a set of commercial cleaning products manufactured to ensure the ultimate 'cost in use' system in all types of cleaning environments. By controlling the dose of chemical used by employees in their duties, you are able to ensure a consistent usage, therefore reducing waste, and ultimately, saving money simply through accuracy.

The Supermax family of products provide a complete solution for every type of business, from ready to use triggers and One litre concentrates with fitted dosing caps for small spaces, to a fully integrated dispenser system for the larger working environment.

The benefits of Supermax dosing control.

• Super concentrated formula offers exceptional dilution rates.

• Supermax dosing control system provides the ultimate in dilution control; accurate measured doses reduces product waste and provides exceptionally low cost in use: dilutes to give 400 trigger sprays or 200 buckets per (2 x 2 litre) case.

 • Available in ready to use 500ml trigger sprays, instant availability with no dilution.

• Available in One litre concentrate bottles with fitted dosing cap, no need for fitted equipment.

About Supermax Ready To Use.

The perfect product for smaller businesses who need an off the shelf product, and the convenience of a ready to use trigger. Provided in a 500ml bottle, the ready to use range takes the effort out of concentrates for you - so you still get the benefit of using a super concentrated product, without the need for self dosing on site.

About Supermax One Litre Concentrates.

Supermax One is an affordable concentrate system for every business. It allows you to take full advantage of using a cost effective concentrate product, without the inconvenience or cost of equipment being installed on your premises. By using the Supermax One product range you are guaranteed accurate dosing every time. Our specially designed containers hold one litre of product but only release the required dosage each time. This not only ensures that the product is being applied correctly, but also, that you are not wasting money due to over usage.

About Supermax Concentrates.

The ultimate concentrate system for businesses that are running large commercial cleaning operations; Supermax Concentrate is a dosing control system that enables you to operate dosing stations - perfect for businesses with multiple cleaning staff on the go. Providing approximately twice the cleaning power of ordinary cleaners, the Supermax Concentrate products are supplied in two litre containers which fit directly into the specialist equipment that is purchased and installed alongside them.


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