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Cream Cleaner 500ml
Multi-purpose non-scratch cream cleaner for all hard surfaces. Ideal for removing stains mould an..
Drain Clear 1Lt
  Drain Clear cuts through grease fats oils soap scum and other organic matters.  D..
Perfumed Channel Blocks 2.5kg
Deodorising toilet blocks with a clean antiseptic smell to mask unpleasant odours.   ..
S3 Washroom Cleaner
S3 Supermax Washroom Cleaner C887 Universal daily washroom cleaner, descaler and sani..
Sparklene 1L
Highly concentrated bactericidal cleaner and descaler. Sparklene removes heaviest formations of s..
Tolette 1L
In 1979 the Technical Staff of Arrow Chemicals embarked on a line of research which has resulted ..
All Round 1L
    All Round C559 General purpose all round daily washroom cle..
Bleach 5 Litre
Glass and Mirror Cleaner 750ml - 5litre
Ready to use trigger spray 750ml Glass Stainless Steel Mirrow ..
Ocean Breeze Toilet Cleaner
Pine Disinfectant QAP 30
Super MPC with bleach 750ml
Super washroom Cleaner & Disinfectant 750ml
Thickened Bleach 5 Litre - 750ml
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