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5 in 1 Dishwash Tablets
Packed in economical packs of 100 tablets.    Pack size: 1.8KG (100 tabs per tu..
Activ 750ml
Ready to use caustic based oven cleaner which clings to vertical surfaces. Ideal for removing bur..
Aluminium Spraywash Detergent 5L
Highly alkaline yet not-caustic machine dishwashing detergent for use on sensitive metals such as..
Anti Bac 5L
Anti-bacterial handwash  Unperfumed and undyed handwash with anti-bacterial action ..
Bactericidal Hydroclean 5L
  Bactericidal Hydroclean is a versatile economical and effective product for the remova..
Biozyme 5L
A safe ready to use natural liquid treatment for pipework grease traps and septic tanks. Biozyme ..
Disinfectant Wet Wipes 500 wipes
A disposable anti bacterial wipe impregnated with a broad-spectrum biocide. Suitable for all cate..
Gladiator 5L
Gladiator is a revolutionary modern and safe solution for dealing with grease and odour problems...
Glassrinse 5L
Formulated to complement Glasswash detergent.   Pack size: 4x5L ..
Glasswash 5L
Machine dishwashing detergent designed especially for use on glassware. Containing no 'free caust..
Handisan 1L
A unique waterless alcohol skin sanitiser  An effective quick drying unperfumed gel bas..
Handisan Wipes 150 wipes
  Handisan Wipes are a hygienic rapid and simple way of hand sanitising prior to handlin..
Pre-Soak Powder 5kg
A chlorine free product designed for the pre-soaking  of utensils and the removal of tannin ..
Procare 800ml pouch
Description Universal pre during and after work cream. Apply before work to protect the skin ag..
Resolve 240g
  Resolve is a bactericidal absorbent powder specifically designed to sanitise and absor..
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